Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Enhance Cybersecurity

One of the biggest hurdles to maintaining strong industrial cybersecurity isn’t finding the right technology to keep attackers out; it’s controlling the human factor. As the threat landscape matures and hackers become savvier — and especially as factors like 5G networks and artificial intelligence (AI) come into play — it’s getting harder for humans to keep up. That’s why it’s so important to start supplementing your human and technological cyber defenses with AI. New machine learning and AI technologies can help protect IT and OT systems detect threats sooner and respond to them more quickly. AI can work faster, at greater scale and can handle sophistication in a way human beings simply can’t. This webcast will discuss how AI can improve threat detection, why it’s especially valuable for OT and how to choose the products that work best for your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine human weaknesses and how AI can help manage threats
  • Explain why OT especially can benefit from AI
  • Cover how the new tools and technologies work
  • Offer advice for evaluating tools and vendors offering AI/machine learning solutions

Presented By:

Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Senior Editor, CFE Media and Technology

Keywords: IT, information technology, OT, operational technology, cybersecurity, firewall, IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things, operations technology, cyberattacks, infosec, manufacturing, vulnerabilities

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