Incident Response: How Tabletop Exercises Can Prepare You for Cyberattack

Date: March 29, 2023

Industrial assets, critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities are all under attack by hackers. One of the best ways to minimize damage from cyberattacks is to be prepared for them, but too many organizations don’t think about response until a cybersecurity incident has occurred. In the chaos of a live intrusion, it’s nearly impossible to know who is responsible for what. One way to prepare your organization for hacks and attacks is by running tabletop exercises, discussion-based sessions where team members can meet and determine their roles and responses during an attack. So how do you build and execute an effective tabletop exercise, what are the objectives and how can penetration testing help? This webcast will help prepare you to be prepared the next time your organization is under attack.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why industrial systems are more threatened than ever
  • What is a tabletop exercise?
  • Who should be involved and how to get buy-in
  • How do you build and execute an effective exercise?
  • The benefits of tabletop exercises in OT/ICS