How to Secure a Cybersecurity Budget and Get Buy-in From the C-suite

Recent cyberattacks on everyone from Colonial Pipeline to JBS Foods to Twitch have proven cybersecurity is essential no matter which business you’re in. According to experts, companies should spend between 10% and 15% of their annual information technology (IT) budget on cyber defense, but the reality is few companies are even doing that. While spending money to prevent an attack is a lot cheaper than the cost of remediating a successful attack, it can still be hard to get C-suite buy-in for increased cybersecurity, and especially an increased cybersecurity budget. So how do you get organizational buy-in for cybersecurity? Once you have the buy-in, how do you scale? In this webcast, experts in industrial cybersecurity will discuss how to speak a language executives understand so companies can create a true culture of cybersecurity from the top down.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to discuss cybersecurity needs with executives
  • Examine how to meet growing cyber challenges on a reasonable budget
  • Find out how to alleviate conflicts between conflicting titles at the executive level
  • Get advice on scaling cybersecurity
  • Learn how to create a culture where everyone is working together to protect systems

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Moderated By:
Gary Cohen, Senior Editor, CFE Media and Technology